Smiles for VETS Program

Dental implants are a solution for losing teeth to disease, injury, decay, or extraction. At AZ Healthy Smiles, we perform dental implants to help existing and new patients, including veterans, regain the function of their teeth.

Living without teeth brings many complications. Without teeth, your facial structure may change, causing you to have a sunken face. Additionally, missing teeth increases the risk to your remaining teeth of developing tooth decay. Your remaining teeth may also shift, leading to malocclusions or a bad bite.

Dental Implants for Veterans in Ahwatukee in Phoenix, AZ

For our vets, AZ Healthy Smiles will work with you to ensure that you’re able to maintain good health with the placement of dental implants. Our Smiles for VETS program allows us to provide veterans with complimentary implant placement and to provide a free implant. The veteran will be responsible for the costs of the crown and abutment that connect to the implant.

If you are a veteran and need dental implants, visit us at AZ Healthy Smiles to see how we can help.

We understand that many veterans don’t get the dental care they need, including teeth replacement. It is likely that many vets are living with missing or lost teeth and don’t have a solution.

How Dental Implants Will Help You

There are many benefits of getting dental implants:

  • They improve appearance since they look and feel like regular teeth.
  • They enhance speech.
  • They improve comfort, unlike traditional dentures that may slip off or move in the mouth.
  • They make eating easier since you can bite with almost the same force as natural teeth.
  • They help enhance oral health because the artificial teeth fill up the space left by the lost teeth, hence eliminating the spaces where plaque, bacteria, and debris could hide.

Veterans and other patients can improve their quality of life by receiving dental implants. The Smiles for Vets Program, which works to help veterans get their missing teeth replaced, is bringing great hope to these former servicemen and servicewomen. Talk to us about free implant surgery for veterans with the Smiles for Vets Program, and we will help walk you through the process.

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