Are you looking for a dental provider that is able to care for you and your children? Healthy Smiles in Phoenix is dedicated to caring for the entire family and ensuring you have a wonderful visit together.

Dr. Anastassatos welcomes patients in his office from ages 3 to 100! We focus on preventive dentistry and believe that it is the best cure for cavities and gum disease.

From general dentistry to cosmetic services such as veneers and whitening, we are always here for you. Our dental team is dedicated to ensuring that your appointment is relaxed and comfortable.

You’ll Feel Welcomed Here

We want all patients to feel welcome in our practice, and we want to build a lasting relationship with you. From the moment you walk into our office, you will be greeted by name and treated with the utmost respect from everyone here. Whether you need help filling out your paperwork or just have a question about the pain you feel in your mouth, we are ready to help.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit With Us

Although your child’s teeth are considered baby teeth, it is still important that they are properly taken care of. One of the biggest misconceptions that patients have is that since the baby teeth fall out, it is not a big deal if a child gets a cavity or the tooth sustains damage.

The reason baby teeth are so important is because they set the stage for all of your child’s other teeth. We prefer to have your child’s first appointment at the age of three so he or she can become acquainted with the family dentist and we can screen their teeth for any potential problems.

During your child’s first appointment, Dr. Anastassatos will talk to your child and use terms your child knows and understands. He is great with all children and takes his time to ensure they are comfortable and not scared.

The main goal is to help get your child become familiar with the dentist first, and then when your child is comfortable, have them come back to the dentist for a cleaning, X-rays, and consultation.

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