Do you play a contact sport? Does your child? Are you worried about your teeth and their protection while on the field? If so, the team at Healthy Smiles in Phoenix is ready to help!

Your teeth are an important part of your smile, and without them, you will feel self-conscious and can even do further damage to the rest of your mouth. When playing sports, you place your teeth right in harm’s way, and if you aren’t properly prepared, you could suffer trauma.

You may be thinking that an injury is never going to happen to you, but it can. No one plans to accidentally run into someone else or for the ball to knock into their mouth. Being prepared will prevent pain and discomfort and keep your teeth looking beautiful and intact.

Common Sports Injuries to Teeth

  • Chips
  • Breaks
  • Fractures
  • Knocked out
  • Cut gums

Get a Sports Mouthguard for Your Teeth

If you or your child play sports, it is a good idea to have a custom athletic mouth guard made. The mouth guard will fit snugly to the teeth to provide protection and a cushion if something hits your mouth. The mouthguard itself will absorb the impact of the trauma and keep your teeth in place. It can even help prevent concussions.

Custom mouthguards are much better than generic mouthguards as custom ones are designed to fit specifically in your mouth. The custom ones will mold to provide you with the right amount of room, comfort, and protection as opposed to a generalized fit.

Your Athletic Mouthguard Consultation

When you come in for an athletic mouthguard consultation, Dr. Anastassatos will take an impression of your mouth and send it off to the lab. Once it comes back, you can then wear the mouthguard to play all of your sports.

We offer mouthguards in different thickness levels to ensure the right protection no matter what sports you are playing. For instance, a mouthguard for football may not be as thick as a mouthguard for boxing.

In addition, we have a wide variety of colors and logos that can be added to your mouthguard for team personalization!

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