Dental Fillings in Phoenix, AZ

We use a variety of filling materials at Healthy Smiles. Your dentist in Phoenix, AZ places fillings to repair decay and minor fractures in teeth.

Tooth Fillings Near You

Fillings even out tooth surfaces and improve mouth function. Also, many people experience tooth sensitivity from enamel loss associated with decay. We can significantly improve this condition with a dental filling. Get in touch with us today to schedule a restorative dentistry consultation.

Consultation and Planning:Restorative Dentistry

A comprehensive exam is the first step before Dr. Tim Anastassatos can plan any restorative treatments. Dental fillings near you are best suited for cavities or minor tooth damage. More severe conditions require other types of dental work such as crowns.

Your Phoenix, AZ dentist will inspect each tooth with a dental probe. We may also use a cavity detecting liquid to view problem areas. X-rays are another tool we use to take a more detailed look at the decay’s severity and location.

Dental Filling Materials

Several filling options are available at Healthy Smiles. Each choice is very suitable to repair a cavity, prevent further damage, and seal the tooth. For example, the materials Dr. Tim Anastassatos may use include composite resin, silver amalgam, porcelain, gold, or glass ionomer. The filling of choice will depend on the cavity location, your aesthetic desires, medical history, preference, and budget. Please contact our dental practice in Phoenix, AZ to learn more.

The Filling Procedure

Your Phoenix, AZ dentist will ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free. For that purpose, you will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area around the damaged tooth. We aim to help you relax and remain at ease throughout the procedure. So please let us know if you suffer from dental anxiety and need additional sedation.

Then, we will remove all signs of decay or damage from the tooth. Dr. Tim Anastassatos may use a laser or hand tool to prepare the tooth surface.After any leftover debris or bacteria is removed with an acid gel, your dentist will then fill the cavity. The final touch is to polish the completed restoration.

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