Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Phoenix, AZ

Bright, shiny teeth are a reflection of health, beauty, and youth. That is why people tend to remember a white, flawless smile. For that reason, professional teeth whitening has grown in popularity. Healthy Smiles patients also appreciate that teeth whitening treatment in Phoenix is a fast and affordable way to improve the look of their teeth. Even more, the benefits will last for many years.

The Whitening Special is $250.00 with Custom-fit Trays (regular value $300)


Dental Whitening Near You

A Hollywood grin is bright, captivating, and healthy-looking. It should make a positive, lasting impression. Dr. Tim Anastassatos is happy to offer professional whitening options in Phoenix, AZ. We provide several brightening solutions, and your dentist will make recommendations according to individual needs.

In-office Professional Teeth Whitening

For patients who want the fastest results, in-house dental whitening is the right solution. Dr. Tim Anastassatos will apply the peroxide gel to every tooth surface. Then the teeth are exposed to a light that activates the bleaching gel. A standard whitening treatment at Healthy Smiles involves three applications. To achieve optimal results, sometimes, several successive sessions are needed. It all depends on the severity of the discoloration.

Dentist-Supervised Whitening at Home

If you are not in a hurry but still want professional results, take-home whitening kits may be for you. At Healthy Smiles, we use the leading bleaching agents at our Phoenix, AZ dental office. When you brighten your smile on your own, you can take charge of the process and pace. While results vary from person to person, the results are essentially the same as in-house whitening.

Both options begin in the dental chair. Two appointments are usually required to complete the process. During the initial meeting, Dr. Tim Anastassatos will make a mouth impression. This mold is used to create our custom-fitted bleaching trays. When you return for the second appointment, your dentist in Phoenix, AZ, will make sure the trays fit correctly. You will apply the bleaching solution to the trays and wear them for 30 minutes twice a day at home or overnight for a prescribed time frame. Depending on the extent and type of staining, the process may take a week or up to a month.

Our whitening procedures range from a lot of options. We can give patients that need a dramatic upgrade in whitening to patients that want to just go up a couple of shades. So, we have several different products that can support your needs from trays to sensational smiles which is 20 minutes. And then we have a zoom product that require a little extra time the thing I want to impress upon is the sensitivity level. People complain about bleaching and being sensitive and sensational smiles is a product that doesn’t cause sensitivity and gives you great results.

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