Partials and Full Dentures

Partials and Dentures in Phoenix, AZ

Tooth loss is a severe oral health condition. Many patients understand this fact. However, Healthy Smiles knows that missing just one tooth can interfere with your mouth function. Even more, the spaces can rob you of your attractive smile. A single gap can cause the remaining teeth to shift, the gums to degenerate, and underlying bone loss. So, Dr. Tim Anastassatos, restore your smile with custom-made partials and dentures. Depending on your case, we can recommend tooth replacement solutions. Then you can avoid any of these adverse conditions—so, contact Healthy Smiles now to book your consultation.

Partial Dentures Near You

A partial denture can be fixed in place or taken out of the mouth. Removable partials are also known as bridges. If you have two or more remaining healthy teeth, a partial may work for you. Dental crowns and a metal framework secure the prosthetic in place. Fixed partial dentures in Phoenix, AZ are attached to adjacent teeth to fill in your smile.So say no to that gapped grin. Our dental team will walk you through all of our solutions.

Complete Dentures to Restore Your Smile

At Healthy Smiles, we offer both immediate and conventional dentures. It is common for Dr. Tim Anastassatos to remove any remaining upper or lower teeth to place complete dentures. After the gums have healed, then the patient can be fit for permanent dentures. In the meantime, immediate dentures are worn right after tooth extraction.

Your Phoenix, AZ dentist takes mouth impressions before tooth removal. Then, an outside lab uses this mold to create your natural-looking prosthetics. As your soft tissues heal and change shape, your immediate dentures may need to be adjusted. Want to find out more? Reach out to our dental office in Phoenix, AZ today! We are happy to help.

Alternatives to Conventional Dentures

If you want to learn more about alternative ways to restore your healthy smile without dentures, give us a call. Dr. Tim Anastassatos will discuss other options with you. Healthy Smiles offers various treatments and procedures to ensure that every patient achieves a healthy and beautiful smile.

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