Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Phoenix, AZ

While mouth cancers don’t get the same consideration as other types of cancer, the disease is equally fatal. In the U.S., the estimate is one death from oral cancer every hour of each day. The number of people who succumb to the disease is lower compared to more widely-known cancers. But this condition is hazardous because many cases are detected far too late. By the time people reach the advanced stage, the survival odds have plummeted.

Out of 10 oral cancer patients, only six beat the disease after several years of treatment. The best way to handle this potentially deadly diagnosis is to keep up with routine dental checkups. Call Healthy Smiles now to book your regular exam.

Mouth Cancer Screenings Near You

Today, we are fortunate to have a quick and effective exam for early detection. Dr. Tim Anastassatos performs the test to see if you show signs of the disease. Even more, research has proven that regular screenings save lives by 80 percent or higher. For that reason, we include a check for oral cancer with every routine exam. We aim to make preventive dentistry as fast and as easy as possible. Our patients deserve convenient care.

Also, a mouth cancer screening at Healthy Smiles is quick and painless. Your dentist in Phoenix, AZ, seeks to identify subtle changes in lips and other soft tissues. We detect the early stages of oral cancer with both a visual and tactile exam. If Dr. Tim Anastassatos discovers anything abnormal, the doctor will take a tissue sample to biopsy.

Routine Dental Care at Healthy Smiles

A comprehensive oral cancer screening is part of your 6-month checkup, which is another reason why it is so important to keep up with your routine visits. A typical screening consists of a visual inspection of all the soft tissues inside the oral cavity and the lips. Your Phoenix, AZ dentist will check for red or white patches or any abnormal spots.

If you notice anything suspicious inside your mouth, call Healthy Smiles to schedule an appointment. Early detection is your best defense against mouth cancer.

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