Dental Veneers in Phoenix, AZ

If you have minor flaws in your smile, you might want to consider dental veneers in Phoenix, AZ. Dental veneers are thin sheets of durable porcelain., The slim layers are a custom-made restoration crafted in an outside lab. Once bonded in place, veneers create a beautiful smile. Our dentist in Phoenix, AZ has extensive training, skill, and experience with veneers. You can count on us to deliver outstanding results.

Completely Reshape Your Teeth & Smile

Dr. Tim Anastassatos can reshape your teeth and completely transform your smile. At times, veneers serve as a less invasive alternative to dental crowns. It all depends on the condition we need to treat.

Like most dental work, veneers do not last forever. You may need to have the restorations replaced over time. However, porcelain or composite resin materials are very durable, so your treated tooth/teeth should remain beautiful for many years.

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Porcelain Veneers in the Phoenix, AZ Area

There are many reasons why Healthy Smiles patients choose to fix their teeth with veneers. The most common causes include:

To improve the appearance of a flawed smile. Dental veneers can create a white, uniform, stunning result.

  • To straighten crooked teeth.
  • To repair misshapen teeth.
  • To whiten severely stained or discolored teeth.
  • To add length to teeth that appear to be too small.
  • To fill in spaces between teeth.
  • To strengthen and build up chipped or worn-down teeth.

Dental Veneers have improved over the years, and they continue to get better dental veneers now or even stronger and lasts longer than they used to. The benefits of veneers are that they are a very natural restoration so we don’t have to reduce a lot of tooth structure and it makes your teeth look as natural as they were before they even had any restorations you can tell people when they have had crowns they don’t look now we don’t want you to look like you have fake teeth we want you to look like you have your normal teeth that you’re born with.

What Does Getting Veneers Near You Involve?

Two visits to Healthy Smiles are needed to place dental veneers. Since minimal tooth preparation is required, we use little to no anesthesia. Dr. Tim Anastassatos starts the procedure by lightly shaping and buffing the tooth surface. This process makes room for the thickness of the restoration. Your dentist will then take a mouth impression and choose the most natural shade for the custom-crafted veneer.

At the second appointment, we will apply an etching solution to ensure a stable bond. Next, we place cement on the affected tooth and then the veneer. A curing light is used to harden the layer. Voila! Your tooth is now officially restored!

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