Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Phoenix, AZ

Your dentist in Phoenix, AZ, wants everyone to maintain their healthy, natural teeth. But some situations cause teeth to become damaged or lost. Whether the problem is dental trauma or severe decay, we can help. Once a tooth is no longer in the socket, we must fill that space. For that reason, Healthy Smiles offers several tooth replacement solutions.

Some people choose not to restore their teeth. Maybe the missing tooth is not visible. But having a full smile is not only about aesthetics. When teeth shift into the gaps, all sorts of problems may arise. One way to avoid mouth trouble is with a dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge Near Me?

A bridge is a reliable prosthetic that we custom fit to repair your smile. Either fixed or removable, a bridge replaced lost teeth. It consists of one or more replacement teeth secured by nearby abutment teeth via a porcelain crown. If you want to learn more about tooth replacement options at Healthy Smiles, please call us today.

Benefits of Choosing a Bridge

Missing teeth can lead to serious oral health concerns. The most obvious issue is the impact on your looks. Tooth loss can also interfere with your ability to eat and speak correctly. But even if you have no current issues or challenges, the missing tooth roots can cause bone loss and premature aging. Even more, teeth may shift and change position. Then your bite is altered. You can avoid all of these problems with a tooth bridge near you.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

At least two visits are needed for Dr. Tim Anastassatos to place a bridge. During the first appointment, your dentist will prepare the abutment teeth. These are the supporting teeth on each side of the gap left by tooth loss. A small amount of enamel is removed so we can place the crowns. Then we take a mouth impression that we will send to the lab that will craft your restoration. In the meantime, your dentist in Phoenix, AZ, will fit you with a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth.

When your permanent dental bridge is finished, you will come to Healthy Smiles for your second visit. Dr. Tim Anastassatos will remove the temporary prosthetic and replace it with your new bridge.

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