Why Dental Exams and Cleaning Are Essential?

Why Dental Exams and Cleaning Are Essential?

Mar 04, 2022

A hygienic oral cavity is key to good oral health. Tooth decay does not knock before you lose a tooth or two. It is always better to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that the plaque and tartar are removed. A sticky layer called plaque forms on the enamel. The plaque solidifies to form tartar and provides the thriving ground for bacterial activity if not removed.

Why Are Dental Exams and Deep Cleans Important?

Before you understand the need for deep cleans and dental examination, you need to understand these processes. Dental examinations are routine tests conducted regularly to diagnose dental or periodontal diseases. Dental examinations are part of preventive dentistry and can keep the dental cavity checked.

The dentist near you can perform a physical examination of the oral cavity, the neck, and throat to look for signs of cavities, periodontal diseases, or even oral cancer. The dentists also use X-rays, ultrasounds, or CT scans to view the areas not visible to the naked eye.

Dental cleaning is another part of preventive dentistry to prevent deterioration of dental health. Hygienists or dentists perform a professional and deep cleaning of your oral cavity, including the tongue, teeth, gums, and the space between teeth. You might brush or floss, but it is not enough to remove all the debris or stuck food particles.

Dental cleaning ensures that the bacteria cannot thrive inside your oral cavity and the mouth can be free from infections. Professional cleaning involves different procedures, including:

  • Brushing: – The dentist uses an electric brush and special toothpaste to brush your teeth thoroughly. The quick strokes of an electric brush can clean the teeth better than that of a traditional brush.
  • Dental Floss: – Deep cleaning involves flossing of the teeth. Dental floss is the best way to remove food particles stuck between the teeth. Flossing also removes plaque and tartar.
  • Rinsing: – Once the debris is removed through brushing and flossing, the hygienist thoroughly raises the mouth using an antiseptic solution to remove the stuck food particles and plaque.
  • Fluoride Treatment: – Deep cleaning might involve scrapping the enamel to remove the tartar. The deep cleaning is completed with a fluoride treatment to enrich the enamel with fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens the teeth and protects them from further cavities.

Deep cleaning and dental examination have immense benefits, including:

  • Early Detection of Infections: – Some periodontal diseases do not have prominent symptoms or might have misleading symptoms initially. Dentists are experienced in detecting gum infections or cavities, and deep cleaning can diagnose such disease quickly.
  • Better Oral Health: – Deep cleaning can boost your oral health, and you can maintain it at home too. Once the dentist cleans your mouth thoroughly, you can maintain it at home with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing the mouth with mouthwash.
  • Early Detection of Oral Cancer: – The comprehensive oral examination involves the physical inspection of the neck and throat in addition to the oral cavity. Dental cleanings and exams might detect unusual growth or liaisons in the oral cavity, which can be early signs of cancer.
  • Diagnose of TMJ Disorder: – A dental examination can identify the temporomandibular joint disorder and treat it effectively. The temporomandibular joints are placed on either side of the jaws, below the ears, and help in the smooth movement of the jaws. The early symptoms of TMJ disorder can be misleading, and oral examination aids in early detection.
  • Rectifying Grinding: – Bruxism or clenching of the teeth can be detrimental to oral health. Clenching of teeth can cause permanent damage to the teeth, including cracking or chipping. Oral examination can detect and treat bruxism.

Schedule Your Routine Exams

Visiting the dentist at regular intervals for an oral examination is a good habit to prevent damage to the oral cavity. If you are looking for a dentist in Phoenix, AZ, Healthy Smiles can be your destination. At Healthy Smiles, we provide patient-centric dental care through experienced dentists and advanced technology.

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