The Five Realities about Root Canals

The Five Realities about Root Canals

Feb 01, 2022

The term Root canal is sure to scare you because the therapy doesn’t have a reputation of being enjoyable. Root canals entail the removal of your infected or inflamed dental pulp to provide relief from the excruciating toothache you experience besides sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Most people jump out of the dentist’s chair when they hear the term root canal treatment without realizing the five realities of this surgical procedure that is no more painful than getting dental fillings. You can relax in the chair of the dentist near me, permitting them to complete the process without realizing what the dentist is doing inside your tooth. On the contrary, please read this article to understand the realities of root canals to undergo the treatment if the dentist recommends fearlessly.

Realities Of Root Canals

  1. Root Canal Pain Can Fool You

  2. Your dental pulp becomes painful only if you have an infected tooth because the pulp is home to blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. The pain can subside after having painkillers or vanish as the pulp begins dying. However, you may confront other symptoms like facial swelling and oozing pus because the infection travels further to your tooth roots. The lack of symptoms shouldn’t fool you into delaying treatment but should encourage you to get the tooth evaluated without delay.

  3. Endodontic Therapy Isn’t Painful

  4. Root canal treatments or endodontic therapy, as it is also called for by the dentist in Phoenix, AZ, will likely not cause any pain but will instead relieve the pain you experience in the affected tooth. When you arrive for your appointment, the dentist x-rays the tooth to evaluate the extent of the damage before providing you sufficient anesthesia to numb the affected area and the tooth. As a result, you feel you spent a few minutes in the dentist’s chair when the treatment requires at least 60 to 90 minutes to complete if it is needed on your front tooth. Unfortunately, if you need root canals on a molar, expect to spend at least three hours in the dentist’s chair but do so fearlessly because the anesthesia eliminates the pain from the procedure.

  5. Protecting Your Tooth

  6. After completing root canal surgery, the dentist places a temporary filling in the access hole they create in the crown of your tooth to access your dental pulp. You require about a week to recover from the surgery, after which the temporary filling needs replacing with a permanent filling or a dental crown. While permanent fillings serve the purpose, you provide better protection to your tooth if you have it restored with a dental crown, making it appear like your natural tooth and restore its functionality.

  7. Root Canal Treatments Aren’t Permanent Solutions

  8. Undergoing root canal surgery doesn’t mean you have protection from tooth decay or gum disease. The dental crown on your tooth is resistant to decay and lasts for several years with proper brushing besides regular dental visits. However, the underlying tooth remains susceptible to infections, especially if you allow plaque buildup to develop around the crowned tooth. Therefore you must exercise caution when maintaining dental hygiene and ensure you use suitable tools to clear all plaque from your mouth to prevent gum disease or tooth decay.

  9. Tooth Extraction Not a Solution over Root Canals

  10. You may think you are better off getting your tooth extracted instead of undergoing the fearsome root canal treatment. However, are you aware of what you must endure after having your tooth extracted? If you don’t know, please understand extraction of a single tooth will encourage your remaining teeth to shift position towards the vacant gap to change your bite and your smile. You also become prone to dental infections because the blank space becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Finally, to avoid the consequences of tooth extraction, you must seek tooth replacement solutions like dental implants or bridges costing thousands and requiring multiple appointments with dentists. Instead of enduring all the challenges and expenses, wouldn’t you benefit by merely undergoing the straightforward root canal procedure providing you relief from the toothache and allowing you to have your natural tooth?

    Healthy Smiles prides itself on its commitment to caring for your well-being at all levels. If you need to have root canal therapy to eliminate the dental infection from your teeth, please schedule an appointment with them for the treatment you need.

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