Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist during Pregnancy for Treatments?

Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist during Pregnancy for Treatments?

Oct 01, 2022

Is pregnancy a reason enough to neglect dental care? In reality, keeping your dental health in check during pregnancy is essential because you are at a heightened risk of developing tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other problems.

Unfortunately, there is a widespread perception that visiting dentists for treatments during pregnancy harm you and your baby. Studies conducted by the ADA reveal that over 50 percent of American women share the perception.

You can become prone to severe problems if you avoid seeing your dentist during pregnancy and do not get the essential care you need during this delicate moment. Read why you mustn’t fear dental visits during pregnancy from this article.

Are Dental Visits Safe during Pregnancy?

Not only are dental visits safe when you are pregnant, but they are also essential. You cannot afford to leave oral health problems untreated because they can harm your overall health. In addition, it indicates that neglecting dental visits can also influence your baby besides impacting your mouth and general health.

Six-monthly dental visits are essential to detect issues like a cavity that might develop on or between your teeth. However, when pregnant, your situation dictates how frequently you must visit your dentist because you are dealing with hormonal changes and cravings that might put your oral health at risk.

Your dentist might recommend scheduling multiple appointments during your pregnancy to check the health of your teeth and gums and suggest changes to your oral care routine or provide treatments if required. In addition, if you plan to get pregnant soon, you find it beneficial to visit your dentist for outstanding dental issues like impacted wisdom teeth removed to reduce the risk of complications.

During pregnancy, the hormonal changes in your body cause you to indulge in extra foods and become a victim of morning sickness that makes your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. In addition, accumulating tartar over your teeth makes you a victim of pregnancy gingivitis, which, if left untreated, advances to periodontitis, a condition needing permanent maintenance. Therefore dentists advise not to avoid dental care during pregnancy and invite unwanted complications that might affect you and your baby.

Are X-Rays Safe during Pregnancy?

Do you think you might be exposed to radiation from x-rays during pregnancy if they become essential? If so, let us clarify that present-day dental x-rays do not cause adverse effects because they are free from radiation. In reality, dentists use a tiny plate covered in plastic and placed inside your mouth to capture images of your teeth and jaw. The pictures provide dentists a comprehensive view of your mouth to detect any issues on and between your teeth and look at your gums for any problems that might develop. Therefore dental x-rays are undoubtedly safe during pregnancy.

Can You Receive Anesthesia in the Mouth During Your Pregnancy?

If you must have dental treatments needing anesthesia when pregnant the dentist can help to relax and numb the pain considering your delicate situation. However, you must intimate your dentist about your pregnancy to ensure they choose suitable anesthetics and use the appropriate dosage.

Dentists are experienced practitioners who know how to treat pregnant women. Therefore they avoid anesthetics with felypressin that constricts blood vessels if you inform them about your situation. In addition, if you have any concerns about anesthetics, you can question the dentist to ease your fears.

Can You Have a Tooth Removed during Pregnancy?

Tooth extractions are not uncommon during pregnancy, although dentists recommend them only as a last resort after exhausting all restorative techniques. However, if you have a tooth badly damaged by injury or decay and it is not repairable, it can impact your oral health, making tooth extractions necessary.

Performing extractions during any time of your pregnancy is not challenging, but your dentist might recommend the second trimester as ideal for this procedure. The short delay helps avoid x-rays during the first trimester when your baby is growing, besides the pain of lying down on your back for an extended period during your third trimester.

You can visit dentists anytime during your pregnancy to receive essential treatments without exceptions. If you need restorative dentistry with dental implants, the dentist might recommend you plan for the treatment and get the implants placed only after your baby arrives. Dentists also do not recommend elective treatments during your pregnancy, especially if you want to whiten teeth or improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth by getting veneers. Instead, they suggest obtaining the treatment after the baby’s birth because it might cause complications or make you uncomfortable during pregnancy.

If you are concerned about dental visits during pregnancy AZ Healthy Smiles can help you overcome your apprehensions about why dental visits are essential during this delicate moment. Kindly dispel your fears by consulting this dental practice to ensure your dental health remains optimal during pregnancy and later.

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