How to Get White Teeth in One Day 

How to Get White Teeth in One Day 

Aug 01, 2021

Flaunting a healthy smile is not enough these days. There is a need to have the brightest smile in the room, especially in the 21st century where everyone seemed to be concerned about Cosmetic appeal. If your teeth are not white enough to your liking, you do not have to remain unsatisfied with them for the rest of your life. Today, there are multiple approaches you can consider that can help improve the color of your teeth without undermining teeth care.

What Does Teeth Whitening Entail?

It involves techniques and procedures that can brighten and whiten teeth. Technically, the focus of any whitening remedies should be the enamel of teeth. The goal is to break down the intrinsic stains on teeth without damaging the enamels thereof. As such, different methods and remedies exist to achieve such goals.

In dentistry, dental experts recommend only one way of whitening teeth, that is, in-house professional dental whitening. A dentist will carefully examine the extent of the stains on your teeth to come up with a strategy for the whitening treatment. Afterward, the procedure involves applying special dental whitening agents that are activated with laser, which also allow for speedy bleaching. The bleaching agents will break down the stains in your teeth quickly without compromising the structure and health of your enamel. Within one to four repeat processes completed in under an hour, your teeth will appear brighter and whiter than before. It is the quickest and most effective way of whitening your teeth in one day.

Other Remedies of Whitening Teeth

If you prefer natural ways of brightening your smile, there are different approaches that people used. You just need to determine the kind of ingredients that are easily available in your home. Some of the remedies acclaimed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts today include the following:

  • Banana peel whitening

This technique entails rubbing a small square of a banana peel on your teeth for about two minutes. You have to repeat the procedure every day before you can begin to see any changes in the color of your teeth. This method is purported to work because bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, which are useful minerals for sustaining healthy and strong teeth.

Does Banana Peel Whiten Teeth?

Unfortunately, there is still no evidence found that supports that banana peels can really whiten teeth. However, the technique may help increase the absorption of minerals in your teeth to promote dental health.

  • Baking soda whitening 

It is also called sodium bicarbonate. It is an abrasive that is rubbed over teeth for a few minutes before rinsing. As such, the abrasive should realize whitening effects after using repeatedly over a couple of days.

Does Baking Soda Whiten Teeth?  

Ideally, baking soda can remove surface stains because it is abrasive. However, it cannot get rid of deep stains that require bleaching to do so. However, research has shown that toothpaste made with baking soda is effective for whitening teeth when used daily for oral hygiene care. Generally, baking soda is better in improving the brightness of your teeth than is the case with banana peels.

  • Milk whitening 

Milk is a healthy beverage, especially for children. Consumption of milk has great benefits to your general health, but also your teeth. For one, the lactose in milk is not as harmful as other types of sugars in other drinks and foods. When it comes to whitening teeth, milk will play a big role in reducing the surface stains on your teeth. When taken with tea, for instance, milk will reduce tea’s ability to stain your teeth.

Does Milk Whiten Teeth? 

Studies done in dental health shows milk can make the teeth whiter. Ideally, the protein and casein present in milk will latch to the enamel of your teeth and prevent staining. In that case, milk does not necessarily bleach your teeth but rather prevents further staining.

What Works Well?

The concept of whitening teeth relies on the aspects of abrasion and bleaching. Abrasion introduces rough texture that can break down surface stains. While bleaching goes to disintegrates the compositions of stains to improve the color of teeth. As such, turning to your dentist for professional whitening services is the best approach to getting white teeth in one day. Besides, the results thereof will last you for a long time, up to 6 and 12 months, before you need a repeat procedure.

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