Coffee after Dental Implant Surgery

Coffee after Dental Implant Surgery

Jun 01, 2023

Have you lost some teeth and, after careful consideration and discussion with various specialists, decided dental implants are the optimal replacement solution for the missing teeth? You have decided correctly dental implants are excellent for replacing single or multiple missing teeth to restore your smile and mouth functionality.

Getting dental implants is not straightforward as getting dentures because the procedure requires surgery under anesthesia and plenty of healing time before you can have artificial teeth fabricated from porcelain mounted atop them.

Dental implants are durable solutions for replacing missing teeth, undergoing surgery, and investing upfront in your smile. You will receive information from the dentist near you that you can eat and drink anything after dental implants. You may concentrate on the term “after” mentioned by the dentist when you listen you can eat and drink the foods and beverages you want immediately after getting dental implants. Fortunately, the reality is entirely different because you must recover from the surgical incisions in your mouth before having certain foods and beverages.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The dentist completes dental implant surgery in Phoenix in an outpatient setting, taking no more time than a few hours to embed the titanium posts in your jawbone, depending on how many teeth you want to replace. The surgery is entirely painless and will likely leave you glad that you decided wisely to have dental implants placed in your mouth.

As you receive dental implants under local anesthesia and may find the process tiring because the dentist makes you sit with your mouth open for quite some time, you may consider having a coffee to refresh yourself ready after dental implant surgery.

As you leave the dental offices after getting dental implants placed in your jaw, you may head to the nearest coffee shop to relax with a hot cup of your favorite brew. However, if you consider the dentist’s after-care instructions, you will notice they have mentioned you avoid drinking hot coffee in bold, besides imposing other restrictions on the foods and beverages you can have for some time after getting dental implants.

While the information may disappoint you, it helps if you realize the restriction on consuming hot coffee is for your good. After getting dental implants Phoenix undergoing a surgical procedure, your gums and jawbone are healing to recover from the dentist’s incisions. In addition, dentists numb your mouth when inserting the implants to ensure you don’t experience discomfort during the surgery. Unfortunately, the numbing medications require at least four hours to dissipate, making you vulnerable to burning your throat and tongue if you consume hot coffee soon after getting dental implants placed. Therefore you must avoid hot foods and beverages for at least 72 hours after the surgical process because any hot foods and drinks are prohibited because they can cause complications to the surgical site and its healing process.

If you find it challenging to refrain from coffee early in the morning, consider having a lukewarm cup instead of the scalding variety. Similar rules apply to your foods, including soups, broths, mashed potatoes, et cetera.

Coffee after Dental Implant Surgery

Immediately after dental implant surgery, you must not consider having hot or cold coffee because the beverage can cause excessive bleeding to delay the surgical site. In addition, you must also refrain from having alcoholic beverages or using mouthwash to rinse your mouth because most brands contain alcohol harmful to your recovery. Alcohol interacts with the pain medications you receive to manage mild discomfort after dental implant placement.

Nourishment after Dental Implant Placement

Getting dental implants placed does not impose restrictions on nourishing yourself because it is the optimal way to speed your recovery. However, you must avoid crunchy, complex, and chewy foods to give your gums sufficient time to recover and prevent loosening of the placement.

Therefore after getting implants from the Phoenix dentist, it helps to avoid hot tea, coffee, soups, hard fruits and nuts, pretzels, sticky and gummy candy, smoking, et cetera. In addition, the care you exercise after getting dental implants will ensure you get your artificial teeth sooner than expected because you help the implant integrate with your jawbone to become part of your body and offer stability to the titanium post support your artificial teeth. However, if you overlook the dentist’s instructions on some restrictions placed initially, you will require more time to recover to enjoy your toothless grin for an extended period.

If you plan to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, consult AZ Healthy Smiles to plan your treatment requesting information on the foods and beverages you can have or avoid after dental implant surgery. Prepare yourself to encounter limitations on having your favorite coffee when caring for the dental implants placed in your mouth after surgery. The dentists will provide comprehensive details to ensure they prepare you for dental implant placement and receive your artificial teeth as soon as possible.

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