Can I Drink Coffee after Root Canal Treatment?

Can I Drink Coffee after Root Canal Treatment?

Sep 01, 2022

After spending considerable time in the dentist’s chair receiving root canal Phoenix, you might feel you must refresh yourself because you are hungry or thirsty. You might zero in on your favorite cup of scalding coffee immediately after completing your treatment.

Root canal treatment doesn’t require you to withhold from eating or drinking the foods and beverages you prefer. However, there are some elements you must consider before you think of having food and drinks.

Taking Care after the Treatment

You must understand that your mouth that was numbed when receiving root canal therapy from the dentist in Phoenix will likely remain numb for the following three to four hours after the treatment. Therefore you must exercise caution and refrain from eating until the anesthesia wears off and you start feeling your cheeks and lips.

The preventive measure is essential to avoid injuries to your cheeks and soft tissues of the mouth when you might accidentally bite them because of the lack of sensation. You can have the beverage you desire so long as you ensure it is either lukewarm or at room temperature. The lack of sense in your mouth prevents you from realizing your drink’s temperature and makes you prone to throat burns that might require additional treatments from medical professionals for relief.

The thumb rule when having foods or drinks after undergoing a painful procedure to eradicate dental pulp infections in your tooth, you must exercise caution to avoid mouth injuries. Therefore when eating, you must use the side of the mouth that you feel is not near the treated tooth. In addition, you must ensure you eat slowly and select soft foods that don’t require chewing. Dentists in Ahwatukee, AZ, recommend avoiding scorching foods and drinks like hot soup and your favorite beverage.

Many people choose to avoid eating or drinking altogether except for cold water when feeling numbness in their mouths. However, the approach may not be optimal because a decrease in blood sugar levels can make you sick, especially if you have diabetes. Therefore you must inquire with the dental office in Phoenix about the foods and drinks you can have or must avoid after undergoing root canal therapy.

Foods to Eat or Drink between Your Root Canal Appointments

If you need multiple appointments to complete a root canal, it indicates you need therapy on your molar; having multiple canals challenging to clean in one meeting. Dentists protect the exposed tooth and the treated root canals with temporary fillings until you can get a permanent restoration like a dental crown.

Until you have the temporary filling in the tooth, you must exercise caution to avoid using the treated tooth to chew on hard foods to prevent further treatments for infections that might develop because you damaged the temporary filling. In reality, you must rely on soft foods such as unsweetened yogurt, applesauce, soups, smoothies, et cetera until you can visit your regular dentist to restore the tooth with permanent restorations like Onlays or a dental crown to prevent additional issues.

How Soon Can You Get Your Tooth Restored?

Recovering from endodontic therapy differs between patients and depends on how well you care for the tooth after a root canal. Unfortunately, the treatment also renders your tooth fragile, making it more prone to fractures and breakage.

After you have recovered entirely from the procedure and no longer feel the after-effects of the treatment, you can visit your regular dentist requesting the restorations mentioned above. When restoring your tooth, you must endure a procedure of tooth structure removal to make space for the dental crown or onlay and have temporary restorations for approximately a couple of weeks until it is custom created for your tooth by a dental laboratory.

Until you have temporary restorations over the prepared tooth, you must remain cautious and continue having soft foods for a further couple of weeks. When you receive the permanent restoration, your dentist removes the temporary placement before finally fixing your tooth with the restorative material you choose.

Root canal therapy, besides alleviating the pain you experienced from the dental pulp infections, also helps you retain your natural tooth without needing extractions which would otherwise have been the alternative. Finally, after restoring your tooth, you can use it like your remaining teeth ensuring you don’t incur further infections or damage to your teeth.

Healthy Smiles perform many root canals on patients advising them on the care they should provide to their teeth after the therapy. If you think you need this therapy because you have experienced its symptoms, kindly schedule your appointment with this practice to fix the infection in your tooth and preserve it.

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