Beverages That Can Stain Your Smile

Beverages That Can Stain Your Smile

May 21, 2021

Most people are aware that many popular beverages are not healthy choices. The negative impact of excessive amounts of sugar, alcohol, or caffeine has been well-documented. But you might not know the immediate effect these harmful substances have on tooth enamel. Keep reading so you can make responsible decisions!

Common Beverages That Are Bad for Your Teeth

Juice, Soda, and Energy Drinks: All of these drinks contain a high sugar content. Prolonged exposure to sugary drinks can decay and damage tooth enamel. As a result, you are more prone to cavities and other oral health issues.

Coffee: Specialty coffee drinks can have even more sugar than juices or sodas. But even if you choose to drink your black, the dark liquid can still ruin your smile. If you drink a lot of coffee everyday, you will likely stain your teeth.

Beer, Wine, and Hard Liquor: It is common knowledge that red wine can cause teeth staining. But do you know that all types of wine can damage teeth? This also holds for dark beer. Depending on how often and how many beers you sip, the result is the same, gradual tooth staining. Generally, there is lower risk with hard liquor.

How to Safeguard Your Tooth Enamel

After drinking one of these beverages, the worst thing you can do is brush your teeth right away. Doing so could cause more harm than good. Sugar and dark pigments are not the only problem with the liquids, as mentioned earlier.

Each drink also contains a high acid level. Acid is an erosive substance that softens tooth enamel. Brushing immediately after ingesting any of these beverages can cause further break down. Instead, Dr. Tim Anastassatos suggests drinking water and swishing it around your mouth. This process will rinse some of the dangerous substances off your teeth. Then, wait half an hour before brushing to allow time for the enamel to re-harden.

Even more, maintain a balanced and healthy, tooth-friendly diet. Choose foods and drinks that benefit both your oral and overall health. Contact Healthy Smiles today to schedule your next appointment!

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